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Coutts Bank - The Strand

London, Westminster

Interior Atrium  Coutts Bank

Sector: Conservation, Office
Client: Coutts Banks
Project value: 12,000 000
Project stage: Completed

Gibberd were appointed to undertake the regeneration of the prestigeous Coutts bank located on The Strand in Westminster. The brief for the new office was centered on the concept of continuous adaptability, which would effortlessly accommodate technological advances.

Coutts bank was the UKs first atrium building and one of the finest examples of creative conservation. The atrium in the office design has permitted deep plan, low rise design solutions that still provide day lit offices. The scheme put forward the concept of utilizing the interior atrium spec as a focal point to the building.

The interior of the building has been designed with the materials and construction techniques of the twentieth century. The restoration aspects relates to the Nash facades, with their circular cupolas or pavilions at each corner of the building, which remain as an enclosing skin for the new building inside.

The original centre sections of each façade were lost at the beginning of this century and two of them have been reconstructed in the style of Nash. The third section in the centre of the Strand footage has been replaced by a glass screen which allows visitors and passers-by views into the modern interior and the atrium at the heart of the building.

The aim was to bring old and new together into a coherent whole, each true to its own period. This combination of old and new created constraints on the design, but as is often the case these constraints produced a unique response to a challenging brief.