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Pullman Court London, SW2


Conservation, Pullman court

Sector: Conservation, Residential
Project stage: Completed

Frederick Gibberd Architects were appointed to design one of the chief examples of International Modern style developments in Britain, located in Streatham Hill. The design of 218 flats with a variety of one- to four-room units are organised over three blocks bound by a belt of mature trees to diminish noise disruption. As a consequence to the housing shortage, the attractiveness of communal housing schemes and wider availability of reinforced concrete and steel, Gibberd were presented with an opportunity to provide a design with an awakening diversity of planning and detailing.

The two blocks are organised in order to capitalize on natural daylight of varied massing and scale nested by central courtyards interspersed with lawns and mature trees. The scheme is sensitive to landscape in the preservation of existing trees and the way in which the design encourages outdoor space overlooking the covered reservoir of the Lambeth waterworks. The elongated balcony walkways accentuate the robust impact of the five and seven storey blocks and bestows an enjoyable living environment influenced by the Bauhaus movement.

The subtle colour palette of the steel windows are echoed in the sheet steel internal doorframes and embodied in the furniture design conceived by Gibberd. Each unit was equipped with bespoke furniture and lighting pioneering a strong discourse between the building fabric and interior environment. The two room flats have a sliding wood panel wall between the bedroom and living rooms responsive to adaptability. The exterior colour palette contributes to the formal qualities of architecture by means of subtle variations of colour to edges and reveals. In 1995 the external fabric of the buildings was expansively refurbished and notably cultivated from a Grade II to Grade II* Listed development.