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St Georges Wharf

London , Lambeth

Within a courtyard  of the St Georges development  photo taken by Simon Hadleigh-Sparks

Sector: Cultural, Healthcare, Office, Regeneration, Residential, Retail
Project stage: Complete

Gibberd were appointed as executive architects for this series of mixed used buildings which included at the time the tallest sole residential building in the UK  rising 48 stories.

The development has a focus on community and features a series of landscaped courtyards with intricate water features setting a rural scene within the heart of London. The development houses a mix of services from doctor’s surgeries to supermarkets, gyms and restaurants all taking advantage of the views of the river.

Our architecture studio were tasked with value engineering the project and ensuring that the the overall scheme was both energy efficient and in keeping with the practices ethos of green development and sustainable architecture.  To achieve this all details within in the scheme were scrutinised, enabling the input of wind turbines to power common lighting areas and a central heat pump system to heat apartments during the winter.

The most prominent item was the glazing system .The initial glazing design package hosted over 50 types of windows with the use of ventilated blinds within the glazed units. This was later unified throughout the project and enabled a major cost saving to the client as we were able to improve the glazing package by incorporating a methodical exercise to standardise the components.  

This project is celebrated for its unseen details which allowed the project to be both affordable and efficient for use.